29 Norwood Kitchen Renovation

Overview of the kitchen area using clean, traditional cabinetry and fixtures to create a spacious, aesthetically pleasing space

Floor to ceiling details

Adding ease of use to the kitchen, a bar sink is a wonderful addition

A beautiful, classic farmhouse sink by Whitehaus.

Granite countertops

Beadboard backsplash continues into the breakfast nook storage area

Photography provided by Alexis Stein Photography

8 Betsy Lane Bathroom Renovation

Beautifully designed classic bathroom with brushed nickel accessories, granite counter and undermount sink.

Granite countertops with a brushed nickel classic faucet

Brushed nickel shower fixture

Interior view of the tiled shower

Photography provided by: Alexis Stein Photography


Tall Timbers Bathroom Renovation

Interior shot of the custom designed shower, detailing the tile accent and niche.

A close up of the small shower ledge.

Beautifully detailed tile work.
Double undermount vanity sinks with granite counter tops.

Transition from from the hardwood flooring to the tile.