Apothecary Collection

I was so happy to see this teeny-tiny apothecary jar on eBay a few weeks ago. I was even happier when I was the lucky winner!


 I have several and really wanted this size.  I'd seen a similar one at the Portland Expo a few years ago.  They wanted $1500 for it.  Hmmmm.... just a little out of my price range!  :)
My parents collected apothecary jars and had an amazing collection.  That was until the 1971 Northridge earthquake when we were living in Northridge... I believe they lost hundreds of jars.  Luckily all of our family was safe, but it was horrible to see a room full of glass that morning!
A few years ago, I started collecting jars from eBay and at antique shows.  When my Mom passed away, I received her HUGE Dakota jar, which I cherish!
Look at the difference in size between these two! 
 I'm just amazed that these beauties have survived almost 100 years! 
I believe this little one that I just purchased was originally a "Salesman Sample" jar.  I guess it was easier to carry around this little one and take orders for the bigger ones.
I've seen collections of these at Disneyland and at Lagoon Amusement park here in Utah.  I love how fun and colorful the candy inside can be.
What is your favorite thing to collect?
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Great Time in the Garden and a Great Stuff Giveaway!

I absolutely love summer and working in the yard.

 We built this pond four summers ago.  The fish are getting huge and the plants are thriving.
Several birds are making their homes in my birdhouses.
There are three different birds checking out this house.  It looks like the one on the bottom right has already moved in!

There are several babies in this house.  The parent sitting here is very, very attentive and goes crazy if anything or anyone gets close.

I found this ladder last year for $2.  We built the flower boxes and added drippers for water.  The daylilies and coneflowers are some of my favorites.  The rose of Sharon to the right of the ladder hasn't started blooming yet.
What are your favorite flowers?
Now on to the giveaway!
The people at GREAT STUFFTM have offered to give FIVE of my readers three cans of their products. 
Each winner will receive one can of each of the following:
I've tried all three products and love them! 
It's easy to enter!
You must be a follower of my blog to enter.
In your comment, let me know how you would use the GREAT STUFFTM products! 
That's it!  Easy as can be!

I will be choosing the five winners using Random Number Generator on Thursday, July 25, 2013.  Be sure to leave an email address in your comments if yours doesn't automatically come through.
 Thank you to everyone who entered.  The winners have been notified by email.
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bits + pieces for this week

Dollar store bins are amazing. I use their bins to organize orders ready for shipping. I just had to share this as it has made my life so much better. Such a simple (cheapo) tip for those running e-commerce shops.

I went to Gingers with my Mom and these bottles caught my eye. I'm dying to style our new washroom but I have to first pick a paint colour. That's a whole other story. (Banging my head on the wall - it is driving me nuts)
I was invited to the HomeSense Fall/Holiday preview! So much fun. I've uploaded a ton of photos from the event to my facebook page so you can see what is going to be rolling out into the stores pretty soon, and next Fall.

I picked up a few bushes of purple Hydrangeas for our backyard as they are my absolute favourite colour. I love, love these. I'm a little perplexed as to whether or not I need to do anything to maintain the colour? They weren't much help at the garden centre. Time to google "purple hydrangeas"

I went back to the paint store and the woman at the store lent me a can of a custom mixture paint to see if the custom black she had in the store would work better than the "Jet Black" that I had purchased. I think we can all agree that Benjamin Moore's Jet Black should be renamed "Jet Charcoal" based on our experiences (a lot of you commented that you had the same surprise reaction when you used the colour) Anyhow, the secret mixture was spot on, so I'll be going back to order up a can (And I'll obviously reveal the mixture) ;)

Anyhow, just some random stuff for today!  xo Linds


black vs. white

When we first moved in, I painted the railing high gloss black. Over the years it has shown signs of wear so over the weekend I primed it so I could repaint it high gloss black in latex. But when I primed it - I debated whether high gloss white would be a refreshing change? I posted it to Instagram and Facebook and the majority weighed in with the choice of black - some pointing out that white will show dirt way more. Which kind of sealed the deal - so I'm going to go back to painting it high gloss black. But I still kind of love the white railing..... Ugh. Thoughts?

Ps., You can also see what else is getting a change in the background of these pictures...I've grown tired of the pillows on the bench in the kitchen and I'm on the hunt for something new.

*I bought Jet Black from Benjamin Moore to paint the railing and it looks grey - anything BUT Jet black. Ugh. So I'm going to go on the hunt for just basic high gloss black. 


Holy Toledo! Another Scale Redo


 Several months ago I purchased this grey Toledo scale on eBay.  I should've looked closer at the listing, as I was shocked when it arrived and was HUGE!  I put it in the closet and was going to list it back on eBay this summer. 

Then it hit me that if it wasn't SO industrial looking, I might really like it. So into the garage for a redo!

The face is still a bit rusty, but it did clean up pretty good using steel wool.  (This is the 'before' shot of the face.)  The problem with removing rust on the face is that it eventually the scrubbing will remove all of the paint too, so I had to stop and accept that it's still a bit rugged looking.   

I love it in our downstairs kitchen/game room. 

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happy friday

Have a lovely weekend! I know it has been quiet over here - I spent a few days at the cottage with Aubrey and Oscar, and the rest of the week working. Terribly unexciting but just what I needed. :) Once I tackle a few work "to-do's" I'll be back with some updates from throughout the house. xo Lindsay
Ps., It was chilly enough to put a fire on at the cottage - I snuggled up on the couch, snapped a picture and proceeded to fall asleep until 4am to the crackling noise. My happy place. :)


new art prints in ikea frames

I took some photographs of some new prints I designed. Oscar's room comes in handy for these photoshoots thanks to amazing light and his dresser. All of the prints are framed in Ikea shadow box frames - but instead of making them shadow boxes as they are intended I've framed them with the print right up to the glass - I prefer this look for these prints.

Did you know Ikea had 50% off their picture frames this past weekend?!! I happened across the sale by chance and flipped out. (had a "start the car!!!" moment) I loaded up my car with a ton of frames and I've put it in my calendar that the sale happens around this time so maybe next year I'll be more prepared. (So do the same!)

(Ps., the Beaver and the Moose look ridiculously cute when hung together as they face one another.)
P.p.s - Happy Canada Day!