Sponsored Post: Finding ways to work in trends at Christmas

As I previously mentioned, Canadian Tire approached me to be a part of their "Decor Crew" this season. The following post was sponsored by the lovely folks at Canadian Tire. Please read the bottom of the post for the details of this sponsorship.

My home decor lends itself very much to traditional  but I love to work in pops of trendy colours/patterns via accessories. It's a way to get the of the season/year, very economically as it's a matter of simply replacing certain pieces, vs. a whole room design. I apply the same method of decorating to Christmas - I stick with a traditional decorating, but every so often I kind of like to try new looks in areas of the house where not a lot of investment have to be made, or, commitment.

Canadian Tire sent me three boxes of sparkly Christmas Balls in super mod colours and I took the opportunity to try what I have always wanted - hang ornaments from my chandelier. 

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