West Elm Preview

I was invited to attend the West Elm media preview last week to see what's new in the store. I adore this store. I feel like everyone in the store is friends, and have a soft spot because I was invited to take part in this event in 2011. Here are some shots of items I loved during my walk through...

I just really loved the typography and how fun these glasses were.

I should have really picked up this honey jar (above), I've been coveting it for a year. But we don't use a lot of honey - but I still can't stop loving the design of it.

I actually got giddy when I saw that they had a HUGE collection of succulents in the store. I've been obsessed with making a terrarium and West Elm has everything you need to make one. As in dirt, stones, plants and obviously pretty stylish vessels. I may have also felt like I won the lottery when they gave me the following terrarium to take home...

Not an awesome picture but it's a selfie of me and my terrarium. :) It actually ended up staying at my Mom's (I was still living with her at the time of the event) and I thought she'd like it so it's living with her. But I'll be heading back to the store to get some more items to make my own for my house. Maybe one of these? 

I think I saw in an article once that if you're a blogger you need to have either a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or an array of succulents so I figure I've got both almost covered now. ;) Are you into the succulents?