I Just Can't Refuse a Neat Birdhouse or a Green Scale!

I scored at a yard sale the other day!  I knew it was my kind of sale by the ad--Lots of farm equipment, rusty metal, antiques.  Yep-the trifecta of a perfect sale!  :)
As I was talking to the gentleman having the sale, I looked up and saw this HUGE birdhouse!  Now how could I pass something like this up?!   It was connected to the top of his shed and weighs about 30 pounds.  He immediately pulled out a ladder and a drill and sold it to me.
After being teased by my friends (and yes, my husband chimed in too) about buying another birdhouse (yes!!), I started digging a hole and cementing in a 4x4 cedar post. 
After it dried for a couple of days, I screwed a board to the post that would be big enough to screw the birdhouse into from the bottom.
Up it went, with 4" screws through it!  We get some strong winds here and I sure would hate for it to take a tumble.
I treated the board underneath and the post with my apple cider vinegar and steel wool solution for instant aging.  It worked perfectly and just about matches the aged look of the birdhouse already!
We added these additional supports (which I also "aged" with the apple cider vinegar and steel wool).  Hopefully this birdhouse will stand through all kinds of weather and have some birds calling it home next spring!


 Here's the new scale.  Yes, I definitely needed another one!  I love the rusty green goodness.  All I had to do was wipe it with water and it's good to go.
What fun things have you found at a yard sale recently?
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